December 17, 2018

Publication: National Geographic - Your Shot - Best of 2018

I quote from the National Geographic, December 10, 2018:

"For almost 13 years, you have been sharing your photos with the Your Shot community. Our mission is to tell stories collaboratively with our photographers while harboring an educational and welcoming community for you to improve your photography. These 70 selections were curated from over 1.2 million photo uploads in 2018 from photographers around the world who are just like you. Our photographers always display an impressive variety of photographic styles and it all starts with picking up the camera closest to them. So, waht are you waiting for? You can make these images, too. We'll see you in 2019."

November 10, 2018


"I grow strong, I am bold
- I am still soft, deep inside -
A price to pay, to survive
A place to stay, and to thrive.

I am a force, to reckon with.
- I am still warm, deep inside -
A heart to cry, to forgive.
A wound to heal, so I can live.

I am listening, I become wise
- I am still love, deep inside -
A sacrifice to make, a wall to breach
A lightning that struck, so I can reach

Out to you, I love you.
Yes, I really do."

Marta Demarteau - October 2018

Young brown bear Finland