September 15, 2020


This time I will be sharing a poem along with my photograph of the autumn forest of Annanina's Rust, Diessen, the Netherlands. Autumn always makes me rethink life and in my photograph it is even hypnotizing. For buying my fine-art print, please go to link 🍁🍂🍃

"In Autumn⁣
When within ourselves in autumn we feel the autumn⁣
I become very still, a kind of singing, and try to move⁣
like all things green, in one direction, when within ourselves⁣
the autumn moves, thickening like honey, that light we smear⁣
on faces and hands, then touch the far within one another,⁣
something like autumn, and I think when those who knew⁣
the dead, when they fall asleep, then what, then what in autumn⁣
when I always feel I’m writing in red pencil on a piece⁣
of paper growing in thickness the way a pumpkin does,⁣
traveling at fantastic speed toward orange, toward rot, when⁣
in autumn I remember that we are cold-smitten as I continue⁣
smearing red on this precipice, this ledge of paper over which⁣
I lean, trying to touch those I love, their bodies rusting⁣
as I keep writing, sketching their red hands, faces lusting for green."⁣
Copyright © 2017 by Mark Irwin. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on September 22, 2017, by the Academy of American Poets.

September 09, 2020


If you want to discover something new in an overstimulated world, it is not always easy to establish a new perspective. You, as a photographer, may build on the old foundations. I discovered as a nature- and travel photographer "that it is all good". The effect on the viewer is what ultimately counts! And as an entrepreneur, it is what eventually sells that counts, at least if you stay true to your vision and intuition. Because ideal customers WILL find you. ⁣⁣

"In an increasingly virtual world, where even savagery of the most hostile and challenging of elements is available in coffee-table format, it is all too easy to feel that we have all been there, done that. But we haven't. Far from it. All but a few, that is. [...] The trouble lies in our expectations. We have such ready access to increasingly splendid photographic views of the world around us that it is easy to feel we may have actually experienced these things. And then, if we see once more something that bears resemblance to an earlier view, we may tend to be jaded, dulled by an abundance of riches. But look again. Look deeper into what made the photographer tick - or click - and you will see something fresh, something vibrant and new."⁣
Foreword by Simon King, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, portfolio 12, BBC Worldwide 2002.⁣
YES, fresh, vibrant and new, if you look close enough! How it fits YOU as the ultimate viewer. How it fits YOUR WALL as the ultimate decorator. How it fits YOUR DESK as the ultimate administrator. And sometimes recognition of what you already know deep down is what makes you love a specific image. As a repetition, as an acknowledgement, of how you surround yourself with a positive flow of images and thoughts.⁣
The photograph of the blue butterfly on pink flowers is captured for a positive flow, the recognition of small beautiful life on Earth, taken on the Alp pastures of Salouf, Switzerland. It can now be ordered as a Fine-art Print. Please go to the link