May 04, 2021

Golden Glory

On September 12, 2020, I started as a participant in the mentorship program of Nature Photography by famous Dutch photographer Bart Siebelink. YES! If you are curious about his outstanding work: 

In December 2020 the mentorship program ended. Each participant created a picture story as a final project. All projects were then published in Fotosofie Magazine #13 - which came out in Spring 2021. My final project is called "Golden Glory" and tells about the golden colors of autumn, the animals that visited the wildlife hide during the season and the first frozen leaves. Enjoy!

May 01, 2021

Photo Challenges "Colour" and "Spring Visions" at Wild Planet Photo Magazine

Wild Planet Photo Magazine is dedicated to wildlife and nature photographers. The magazine is published every month. Together with another partner magazine called Landscape Photography Magazine (including their websites) they have over 256 000 unique visitors in more than 190 countries. The imagery in the magazines and on their websites are stunning and coming from all around the world. 

Two of my images are chosen for publication in the Photo Challenges "Colour" April 2021 and "Spring Visions" May 2021 of Wild Planet Photo Magazine. The selected images were the "Burrowing owl in a rainbow" in Diessen, the Netherlands and "I will never leave you" of nesting puffins on Skomer Island, United Kingdom.

"You can colour your life, you own it... even if your past has distorted it someway. You can stand up and show yourself," Marta Demarteau April - May 2021.