November 09, 2016

The story behind the Mint Blue designs in my VIDA Voices Collection

Almost Winter, December 2008, I travelled to the far North of Norway to the astonishing scenery of the Lofoten archipelago. There were only 4 hours of light each day, with a twilight zone continuing from dawn till sundown. During the dark period, an overwhelming silence took over, only to be crushed by the sounds of snowboots on snow and ice of wandering people, now and again. It was there at Svolvaer, a town in Nordland country, where I visited an ice sculpture exhibition in the dark, in the heart of Svolvaer. The exhibition space covered an ice bar, where you could warm yourself up with the pleasure of drinking crowberry wine. There were lots of sculptures relating to the Norse way, of a time long gone till present day. The ice sculptures were all displayed under colorful lights, lights that were sometimes moving to portray water or swimming fish. I came across an ice sculpture of cruise ships on a stand. Instead of photographing the sculptures, I decided to capture the aqua-mint blue lights and the intriguing shadows on the floor.

The photograph lead to new designs in my VIDA Voices collection, like a tote bag and a modal scarf. These items can be found at: