October 16, 2018

Flashback: Archive 2016 - Vol. 24 No 1

My dear friend Gerald L. Fitton writes articles for the UK Magazine Archive. The Magazine was founded in 1987 by Paul Beverly in support of the Acorn Archimedes computer and its successors using the RISC OS operating system. Jim Nagel is the editor of the Magazine and he sent me a copy of the 2016 Edition - Vol. 24 No 1. 

One of my photomontages is used in Gerald's column in this edition, named "Best of Both". Gerald nearly always combines his digressions on computer processes with a box-out on philosophy. This time he looks at the ambiguity of known and unknown elements of reality. The accompanying photomontage consists of photographs of Spitsbergen (2010) and Lofoten, Norway (2008).

Gerald's Column "Best of Both"