October 03, 2018

Publication: Burrowing Owl under the rainbow - National Geographic Photography Contest

It has been a while since I have posted something on my Blog. I've been too occupied by all the other wonderful things in life, with sometimes a setback. But then I will get up again like I always do. And I turn back to my nature photography: one of my BIG loves, and a mode of expression in itself. After years and years of not participating in photography contests, I decided to send in my photograph of a burrowing owl under the rainbow. I have been observing these little and fast creatures for a while now, ever since I visit a small falconry close to home. With a lot of respect and love the falconers are caring for the birds, mostly birds that never got a good home after being someones 'pet'. Birds of prey are no pets! That is why they get a lot of space in the outdoors, with no chains or leathers. I love how the birds surround me with their own behavior and with no pressure on their daily routines.

Burrowing Owl under the Rainbow

The photograph of 'my' owl under the rainbow is nominated out of more than 15,000 photographs in the Dutch National Geographic Photo contest! I was blown away when I got the news. Ever since I grew up, I read the National Geographic (USA edition - in the Netherlands there was no Dutch edition back then) and I indulged myself in enjoying all those splendid photographs. Now my photograph is on the website of the Dutch National geographic, where people can put in their vote on the photograph they like the best per category. So if you like my photograph, you can put in a vote up till October 15th! Thank you. All the Best, Marta