December 26, 2020


On December 15, 2020, I wrote on Instagram:⁣

⁣Tomorrow... tomorrow... getting prepared for another wildlifehide day! It reminds of the previous session in November. You know, when getting there and preparing the scene really gives a rush! You don't know exactly what to expect, every time is different. ⁣
In November I was prepared for the red squirrels jumping through the water. I felt my blood running wild. They did come along to visit the pool, though less than I was used to. Of course there was a really good reason for their short stay: in the morning a female sparrowhawk started hunting near the hide, her eyes fixed on the great tits and other small birds. Eventually she decided to bathe. Wow, in such a beautiful golden glow! In the afternoon I literally saw a sparrowhawk's tail disappear above the hide. The tail belonged to a rust-colored male. He also decided to take a plunge, just DIVE right in.
All is about anticipating the moment and it may work out differently than expected! I loved the wonderful moments with the sparrowhawks (also nice bathing jays), even though this meant the squirrels wouldn't come near. What will happen tomorrow? Tomorrow... tomorrow...